Friday, February 3, 2017

My Day Job #3

And now, I come to my Day Job #3. A job I never, ever contemplated having. I'm a flight attendant. A space cadet. A stewardess.

But we're there for your safety!

I fly for a regional. That translates to small. As in so small, you won't even know you're on our airline when you sit down. We dress like the big boys.

Except we fly really small airplanes. Think one- or two-flight-attendants small and the ceiling is so low you can touch it. The bathroom, rather lav, is so small, the mile-high club is an impossibility.

We affectionately call it the Pretty Sh!*y Airline. There are advantages and disadvantages. I could flip burgers and make more money. A thought I try not to dwell on.

So, why do I stay? Health insurance. And free flying is a good thing.

Would I want it for a career? No. I've been there seven years. If I stay three more, I can "retire," or quit is better, there's no defined retirement plan...but I'll keep my free flying benefit forever.

I can fly pretty much anyplace I want to go for free. Even though I work for a dinky, little commuter, we're owned by a major. We can fly free anyplace the major goes, as well as anyplace other carriers go that have reciprocal agreements with my major.

And this is a good thing.

For the most part, it's a fun little job. The passengers have been so pillaged and plundered by ticketing and TSA by the time they board my plane, all they want is to see a happy face and have a place to sit.

That flying on other airlines is at a steep discount. My guy flew to Spokane to meet his best friend in a bar last year to watch the Super Bowl. $40. Round trip. We flew Charlotte to Montana. $64 For both of us, both ways.

I've got three years to go. Then I'm history. Maybe I'll flip burgers. Maybe I'll write a book. No, wait! I'm doing that now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be sweet.


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