Sunday, May 14, 2017

Genre? What genre?

After you write something, the real stuff (non-fiction) or fake (fiction), the first thing you seem to run into is...genre.

What is the genre of your work?

How do I know? I just wrote the thing. It's all made up.

It's all made up, you say? Well, it's not non-fiction, for sure.

I know Syfy. That's science fiction. I have no aliens or space travel. It's not syfy.

It takes place in this century, current day. It's not historical fiction.

There is no major love story. It's not a romance. Or chick lit.

There are no explicit sex scenes. It's not erotica. Or mommy porn.

It's not a graphic novel. I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong. That's just a comic book for grownups.

There are no detectives or spies. It's not espionage.

There are no lawyers or court rooms. It's not a legal thriller.

We know all of the characters and what they're doing. We just don't know if they'll succeed. It's not a mystery.

Its target audience is the adult reader. Therefore, it's not YA: young adult.

It has no pictures. It's not children's or youth.

It's not high-brow, esoteric fiction. IE: literary fiction.

So, what the hell have I written?

Wikipedia gives these genres:
Realistic fiction
Romance novel

If you continue reading their page, they list 25 more fiction genres from which one can choose.

I've read literary agency websites, writing blogs, author/agent/publisher websites until I'm cross-eyed. They all have slightly different definitions of genre parameters.

I want it to sell. I want it to appeal to a men and women. It has some suspense. It has a little deviant sex. It has sad, lost love. It has a psycho liar and a transvestite. A few laws are skirted. Others flat out broken. It ends in success for some. Death for others.

I think my novel is a commercial crime/thriller.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be Sweet.